Industry codes

Business activity codes are standardized throughout European Union. Please make sure to specify your code on checkout page

Check with the list

Your business must be one of the listed above to qualify for purchase. EU regulations don’t allow us to sell POS hardware to some random entities. Your business should be registered within legal EU field and comply with EU business activities list.

Subactivity code Business subactivity
1 Antique Reproductions
2 Antique Shops—Sales, Repairs, and Restoration Services
3 Pawn Shops
4 Used Merchandise and Secondhand Shops

Subactivity code Business subactivity
5 Children's and Infants' Wear Shops
6 Family Clothing Shops
7 Furriers and Fur Shops
8 Women's Accessory and Specialty Stores
9 Women's Ready-to-Wear Stores
10 Men’s and Boys’ Clothing and Accessories Stores
11 Men’s and Women's Clothing Stores
12 Accessory and apparel Stores – Miscellaneous
13 Shoe Stores
14 Sports apparel, Riding apparel Stores
15 Tailors, Seamstresses, Mending, and Alterations
16 Wig and Toupee Shops

Subactivity code Business subactivity
17 Art Dealers and Galleries
18 Artist’s Supply and Craft Shops
19 Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops
20 Sewing, Needlework, Fabric and Piece Goods Shops
21 Stamp and Coin Stores – Philatelic and numismatic supply

Subactivity code Business subactivity
22 Automobile Associations
23 Charitable and Social Service Organizations
24 Civic, Social, and Fraternal Associations
25 Membership Clubs (Sports, Recreation, Athletic), Country Clubs, and Private Golf Courses
26 Membership Organizations (Not Elsewhere Classified)
27 Political Organizations
28 Religious Organizations
29 Wholesale Clubs

Subactivity code Business subactivity
32 Automotive Paint Shops
33 Automotive Parts and Accessories Shops
34 Automotive Tire Dealers
35 Automotive Service Shops (Non-Dealer)
36 Auto and Truck Dealers – Sales, Service, Repairs, Parts, and Leasing
37 Auto and Truck Dealers (Used Only) – Sales
38 Automobile Parking Lots and Garages
39 Miscellaneous Automotive, Aircraft, and Farm Equipment Dealers—Not Elsewhere Classified
40 Service Stations (with or without Assistance Services)
41 Tire Retreading and Repair Shops
42 Towing Services
43 Wrecking and Salvage Yards

Subactivity code Business subactivity
44 Car Washes
45 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
46 Cleaning and Maintenance, Janitorial Services
47 Dry Cleaners
48 Exterminating and Disinfecting Services
49 Cleaning, Garment and Laundry Services
50 Laundries – Family and Commercial

Subactivity code Business subactivity
51 Carpentry Contractors
52 Concrete Work Contractors
53 Electrical Contractors
54 General Contractors – Residential Buildings
55 Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Contractors
56 Landscaping and Horticultural Services
57 Insulation, Masonry, Plastering, Stonework, Tileset Contractors
58 Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Metal Work Contractors
59 Special Trade Contractors (Not Elsewhere Classified)

Subactivity code Business subactivity
60 Caterers
61 Bar, Lounge, Disco, Nightclub, Tavern – Alcoholic drinks
62 Eating Places and Restaurants
63 Fast Food Restaurants

Subactivity code Business subactivity
64 Business and Secretarial Schools
65 Colleges, Universities, Professional Schools, and Junior Colleges
66 Distance Learning Schools
67 Elementary and Secondary Schools
68 Vocational and Trade Schools
69 Schools and Educational Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)
70 Computer Software Stores
71 Electronic Sales

Subactivity code Business subactivity
72 Amusement Parks, Circuses, Carnivals, and Fortune Tellers
73 Aquariums, Seaquariums, Dolphinariums
74 Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers—Not Elsewhere Classified
75 Motion Picture Theaters
76 Commercial Sports, Professional Sports Clubs, Sports Grounds
77 Record Shops
78 Theatrical Producers (except Films) and Ticket Agencies

Subactivity code Business subactivity
79 Manual Cash Disbursements – Customer Financial Institution
80 Automated Cash Disbursements – Customer Financial Institution
81 Merchandise and Services – Customer Financial Institution
82 Quasi Cash-Merchant
83 Security Brokers/Dealers
84 Money Transfer
85 Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums

Subactivity code Business subactivity
86 Bakeries
87 Dairy Products Stores
88 Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
89 Freezer, Locker Meat Provisioners
90 Miscellaneous Food Shops—Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
91 Package Stores—Beer, Wine, Liquor
92 Candies, Nuts, and Confectionery Stores

Subactivity code Business subactivity
93 Ambulance Services
94 Drug stores, Pharmacies
95 Chiropractors
96 Dentists and Orthodontists
97 Doctors – Not Elsewhere Classified
97 Hearing Aids—Sales, Service, and Supply
99 Hospitals
99 Medical and Dental Laboratories
101 Medical Services and Health Practitioners—Not Elsewhere Classified
102 Nursing and Personal Care Facilities
103 Opticians, Optical Goods, and Eyeglasses
104 Optometrists and Ophthalmologists
105 Orthopedic Goods – Artificial Limb Stores
105 Osteopathic Physicians
107 Podiatrists and Chiropodists

Subactivity code Business subactivity
108 Glass, Paint, Wallpaper Stores
109 Hardware Stores
109 Building Materials, Lumber Stores
111 Drapery, Upholstery, and Window Coverings Stores
111 Fireplace, Fireplace Screens and Accessories Stores
113 Floor Covering Stores
114 Furniture, Home Furnishings, and Equipment Shops, Except Appliances
115 Household Appliance Stores
116 Miscellaneous Home Furnishing Specialty Stores
262 Home Supply Warehouse Stores
263 Lawn and Garden Supply Stores

Subactivity code Business subactivity
117 Bail and Bond Payments
118 Court Costs, including Alimony and Child Support
119 Legal Services and Attorneys

Subactivity code Business subactivity
120 Lodging—Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Central Reservation Services
121 Timeshares

Subactivity code Business subactivity
122 Beauty and Barber Shops
123 Child Care Services
124 Buying and Shopping Services and Clubs
125 Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies
126 Cosmetics Stores
127 Counseling Services—Debt, Marriage, and Personal
128 Dating and Escort Services
129 Employment Agencies and Temporary Help Services
128 Health and Beauty Spas
131 Management, Consulting, and Public Relations Services
132 Massage Parlors
133 Other Services—Not Elsewhere Classified
134 Real Estate Agents and Managers – Rentals
135 Tax Preparation Services
263 Business Services – Not elsewhere classified

Subactivity code Business subactivity
136 Camera and Photographic Supply Stores
137 Commercial Art, Graphics, Photography
138 Quick Copy, Reproduction, and Blueprinting Services
139 Photofinishing Laboratories and Photo Developing
140 Photographic Studios

Subactivity code Business subactivity
141 Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services
142 Advertising Services
143 Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying Services
144 Computer Programming, Data Processing, and Integrated Systems Design Services
145 Funeral Services and Crematoria
145 Professional Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)
147 Stenographic and Secretarial Support Services
148 Veterinary Services
266 Agricultural Cooperatives

Subactivity code Business subactivity
149 Gambling Transactions
150 Billiard and Pool Establishments
151 Bicycle Shops — Sales and Service
152 Bowling Alleys
153 Motor Home Dealers
154 Camper Dealers, Recreational and Utility Trailers
155 Mobile Home Dealers
156 Campgrounds and Trailer Parks
157 Dance Halls, Studios and Schools
158 Public Golf Courses
159 Recreation Services—Not Elsewhere Classified
160 Snowmobile Dealers
161 Sporting Goods Stores
162 Sporting and Recreational Camps
163 Tent and Awning Shops
164 Tourist Attractions and Exhibits
165 Video Amusement Game Supplies
166 Video Game Arcades/Establishments

Subactivity code Business subactivity
167 Boat Rentals and Leasing
168 Automobile Rental Agency – Not Else Classified
169 Clothing Rental — Costumes, Uniforms, Formal Wear
170 Equipment Rental and Leasing Services, Furniture/Tool Rental
171 Marinas, Marine Service, and Supplies
172 Video Entertainment Rental Stores
267 Truck Rental
268 Motor Home and Recreational Vehicle Rental

Subactivity code Business subactivity
173 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair Shops
174 Automotive Body Repair Shops
175 Electronics Repair Shops
176 Electrical and Small Appliance Repair Shops
177 Furniture Reupholstery, Repair, and Refinishing
178 Miscellaneous Repair Shops and Related Services
179 Shoe Repair Shops, Shoe Shine Parlors, and Hat Cleaning Shops
180 Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repair
181 Welding Services

Subactivity code Business subactivity
182 Detective/Protective Agencies, Security Services, Armor Cars

Subactivity code Business subactivity
183 Boat Dealers
184 Book Stores
185 Cigar Stores and Stands
186 Electric Razor Stores — Sales and Service
187 Florists
188 Fuel Dealers—Fuel Oil, Wood, Coal, and Liquefied Petroleum
189 Gift, Card, Novelty and Souvenir Shops
190 Crystal and Glassware Stores
191 Clock, Jewelry, Watch, and Silverware Stores
192 Luggage and Leather Goods Shops
193 Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Shops
194 Motorcycle Shops and Dealers
195 Music Stores – Instruments, Pianos, Sheet Music
196 Newsagents and Newsstands
197 Pet Shops – Pet Foods and Supplies
198 Public Warehousing – Farm Products, Refrigerated Goods, Household
199 Religious Goods Shops
200 Office, School Supply, and Stationery Stores
201 Swimming Pools — Sales and Service
202 Typewriter Shops – Sales, Rentals, Service
203 Utilities – Electric, Gas, Heating Oil, Sanitary, Water
269 Duty Free Stores
270 Discount Stores
271 Department Stores
272 Variety Stores
273 Miscellaneous General Merchandise

Subactivity code Business subactivity
204 Cable, Satellite, Other Pay Television, Radio Services
205 Computer Network/Information Services
206 Telecommunication Equipment and Telephone Sales
207 Telecommunication including Prepaid/Recurring Phone Services
208 Telegraph Services

Subactivity code Business subactivity
209 Airlines and Air Carriers—Not Elsewhere Classified
210 Airports, Airfields, and Airport Terminals
211 Bus Lines
213 Courier Services—Air and Ground, and Freight Forwarders
214 Transportation – Local and Suburban Commuter Passenger, including Ferries
215 Freight Carrier, Trucking – Local/Long Distance, Moving/Storage
216 Cruise Lines
217 Limousines and Taxicabs
218 Transportation Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)
219 Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
275 Railroads – Freight
276 Passenger Railways
277 Bridge and Road Fees, Tolls

Subactivity code Business subactivity
220 Direct Marketing — Insurance Services
221 Direct Marketing — Travel-Related Arrangement Services
222 Door-To-Door Sales
223 Direct Marketing — Catalog Merchant
224 Direct Marketing — Combination Catalog and Retail Merchant
225 Direct Marketing — Outbound Telemarketing Merchant
226 Direct Marketing — Inbound Telemarketing Merchant
227 Direct Marketing — Continuity/Subscription Merchant
228 Direct Marketing — Other Direct Marketers – Not Elsewhere Classified

Subactivity code Business subactivity
229 Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts

Subactivity code Business subactivity
230 Chemicals/Allied Products – Not Elsewhere Classified
231 Paints, Varnishes and Supplies

Subactivity code Business subactivity
232 Commercial Footwear
233 Men’s, Women's, Children’s Uniforms and Commercial Clothing

Subactivity code Business subactivity
234 Construction Materials – Not Elsewhere Classified
235 Metal Service Centers and Offices
236 Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies

Subactivity code Business subactivity
237 Durable Goods – Not Elsewhere Classified
238 Non-Durable Goods – Not Elsewhere Classified
239 Petroleum and Petroleum Products
240 Piece Goods, Notions, and other Dry Goods

Subactivity code Business subactivity
241 Electrical Parts and Equipment
242 Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software
243 Computer Maintenance, Repair and Services – Not Elsewhere Classified

Subactivity code Business subactivity
244 Commercial Equipment – Not Elsewhere Classified
245 Hardware, Equipment and Supplies
246 Industrial Supplies – Not Elsewhere Classified
247 Office Photographic Photocopy and Microfilm Equipment
280 Commercial Equipment, Not Else Classified

Subactivity code Business subactivity
248 Drugs, Drug Proprietaries, and Druggist’s Supplies

Subactivity code Business subactivity
249 Medical, Dental, Ophthalmic and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
250 Florists Supplies, Nursery Stock and Flowers
251 Information Retrieval Services
253 Testing Laboratories (Non-Medical Testing)
278 Sanitation, Polishing & Speciality Cleaning Prep
279 Precious Stones and Metals, Watches and Jewelry

Subactivity code Business subactivity
254 Office and Commercial Furniture
255 Stationery, Office Supplies, Printing and Writing Paper

Subactivity code Business subactivity
256 Books, Periodicals and Newspapers
257 Motion Picture / Video Tape Production and Distribution
258 Miscellaneous Publishing and Printing
259 Typesetting, Plate Making and Related Services

Subactivity code Business subactivity
281 Fines
282 Tax Payments
283 Government Services, Not Else Classified
284 Postal Services – Government Only
285 Intra-Government Purchases – Governement Only