myPOS Go Combo

Independent card reader featuring a charging and printing dock.

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You only pay when you receive payment

no monthly fees or binding contracts

169.00€ 99.00€

one-off price for the payment terminal

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Monthly costs

1.10% + 0.08€

Transaction fee


extra cost for Instant settlement

In simple terms, when you handle a 100 EUR payment with a local customer's card, you'll receive 99.1 EUR directly deposited into your myPOS account. There are no monthly charges, no obligations, and no unexpected surprises.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • LeoPay
  • Bancontact
  • Apple Pay
  • Contactless
  • Maestro
  • Union Pay
  • JCB
  • Google Pay

Explore our highly adaptable payment option

Unite the convenience of mobility with the enhanced features of a docking station: produce receipts, extend battery life, link to a cash register, and more.

Payment solution

Generate receipts with ease

When in the docking station, myPOS Go 2 seamlessly interfaces with the built-in high-speed thermal printer.

myposs go combo flexible

Enhance your operational efficiency

The docking station comes equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery, effectively doubling the operational time of your myPOS Go 2 terminal.

myPOS Go Combo receipts

Stay flexible and ready to go

Simply pick up your myPOS Go 2 device from the dock and head to wherever your business takes you. The best part? It'll be fully charged and prepared for your use!

myPOS Go Combo working power

Facilitate a smooth integration with your cash register

Effortlessly link up with your POS and cash register hardware by utilizing the docking station.

myPOS Go Combo easy connect

Achieve a state of complete independence and self-sufficiency

There is no requirement to establish a connection to a phone in order to initiate the process of receiving payments.

myPOS Go Combo utonomous

Fits perfectly and snugly

The device can be effortlessly inserted and removed, thanks to the secure magnetic grip.

Welcome a variety of payment options

myPOS Go Combo with minimal effort manages a wide range of payment methods.

chip PIN

Not just a card swiper

All your essential business tools are in one spot.

get money

Get your money right away

Your funds will be in your myPOS merchant account in under 3 seconds, with no additional fees.

free business card

Free of charge business Mastercard

As a myPOS user, you receive a free Mastercard business card for immediate access to your available funds.

mobile up combo

Smartphone App

Keep your business at your fingertips and process payments while you’re on the move using the myPOS app.

free account

Free myPOS Business Account

Sign up online in under 5 minutes and secure an e-money account with a unique IBAN for 14 different currencies.

mypos online

myPOS Online

Set up your complimentary online store and begin selling across all platforms.

mypos glass

myPOS Glass

Enjoy the capability to receive payments from contactless cards directly on your Android phone.

payment links

Payment links

Create, distribute, and receive immediate payments. It’s as straightforward as that!



Easily recharge or purchase airtime for a diverse range of prepaid mobile services available worldwide.



Ensure the security of your payments and safeguard the longevity of your business.

private giftcart

Private Label GiftCards

Boost your sales significantly with the help of myPOS Private Label GiftCards.

Notable features to be aware of

personalized receipts

Generate personalized receipts from any location.

Create custom-branded receipts while your myPOS Go 2 is connected, and seamlessly send electronic receipts via email or SMS when you're on the go.

SIM card

Incorporate a built-in data SIM card for complimentary 3G/4G connectivity.


Simultaneous charging capability.

When the printer is connected to a power supply and the card reader is attached, both the station and the card reader will charge concurrently.

USB port

Link to a cash register through the USB port without any hassle.

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