All-in-One Payment Solution

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Payment solution

Easy online payments transactions


Mobile app and management on the go


POS terminals for flexible retail payments

Complete solution for taxi drivers

Use POS terminal, receipt printer and cash register in one signle device right in your cab. No pairing. No licensing troubles.

Solution details
Solution for taxi drivers

Unchain The Power of Your Business

Accept cards, online payments and mobile transactions on your sales point, online or on the go.

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Power of your business

Let Them Pay Their Way

Offer flexible payment options to your customers. They will be happy to use payments they like!

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Let them pay

Mobile POS Terminals

myPOS Go Combo

Independent card reader featuring a charging and printing dock.

169.00  (Excluding vat)

myPOS Pro

myPOS Pro is an intelligent POS terminal designed to seamlessly process a wide array of payment methods with ease.

229.00  (Excluding vat)
myPOS Pro

myPOS Go 2 with WIFI and SIM

This particular terminal stands out as the lightest option in its category, providing an intuitive user experience alongside a wide range of capabilities. With its seamless functionality, it empowers you to accept payments not only in physical stores but also during delivery services with utmost ease and convenience.

29.00  (Excluding vat)
myPOS Go 2

Mit jedem Terminal erhalten Sie

EinrichtungsgebĂĽhr Kostenlos
Monatliche GebĂĽhr Keine
Bankkonto in mehreren Währungen Kostenlos
Händlerkonto Kostenlos
Software-Aktualisierungen Kostenlos
Abwicklung von Zahlungen im elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr Kostenlos
Business card Prepaid-Visitenkarte Kostenlos
Data card Datenkarte (SIM-Karte) Kostenlos
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Bancontact
  • Apple Pay
  • Contactless
  • Maestro
  • Union Pay
  • JCB
  • Google Pay

Why choose us?

Embrace card payments

Leave behind concerns of running low on cash or needing precise change. Our terminal readily accommodates cards from widely-used payment systems, enabling you to complete purchases with ease.

  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • VPay
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Union Pay
myPOS Go Combo utonomous

Embrace mobile payments

Harness the convenience and security of your mobile device to make swift transactions. With just a few taps on your smartphone, payments are effortlessly completed. Experience the advantages of mobile payments, ensuring immediate, safe, and cashless transactions wherever your journey takes you!

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Bancontact
  • Contactless
mobile payments

Introducing myPOS Online Tools

myPOS PayLink

Effortlessly generate payment links, send them to your customers, and enable seamless online checkouts.

Pay Link

myPOS Virtual Terminal

Collect payment information directly from your customers and seamlessly process transactions, all without the need for a physical POS terminal.

Virtual Terminal

myPOS Checkout

Experience worry-free and secure processing of all your online payments with a dedicated merchant account. Your online payment needs are now in capable hands!


Enhance Your Journey with the myPOS Mobile App

Empower Terminal Management

Effortlessly activate and deactivate POS terminals while monitoring their online performance.

Efficient Fund Management

Simplify your financial operations by initiating money transfers, requesting payments, card management, and limit customization, all through online channels.

Real-time Tracking at Your Fingertips

Access comprehensive reports and analytical insights via your account, facilitating informed decision-making even while on the move.

myPOS Mobile App

How it works

buy terminal

Acquire a Terminal

Choose and purchase a POS terminal that suits your needs.

create account

Establish an Account

Set up a merchant account tailored to your business.

activate it

Initiate Activation

Engage with our agents to guide you through the process of activating your POS terminal.

get paid

Commence Acceptance

Begin receiving payments across various available channels with confidence.

Some of the awesome features

Upon purchasing mobile POS terminals from mPOS Systems, you not only acquire exceptional devices but also gain complimentary access to unparalleled services that any merchant would aspire to have!

Online account

Online merchant account

After activation you will have your merchant account set up where you will be able to manage everything

Mobile app

Mobile app

You can enable and disable your terminals, check balances and manage funds with your mobile. App provides tons of features!

Bank number

International bank account number

Yes! That’s correct. You buy a terminal and get your own multi-currency IBAN with SWIFT and SEPA coverage. Isn’t fantastic?

Mobile top-up

Mobile top-up

You can top-up your mobile accounts, accounts of your customers and earn commission in addition to your main business

Payments phone

Accept payments via phone

Virtual terminal allows you to accepts payments during phone calls, when clients provide credit card details


Request and send payments

Sending payment requests is like sending invoices. Only better. Requests allow your customers to pay you right away

Detailed analytics

Detailed analytics

Detailed reports on sales and earnings via different payment channels will help you build your strategy better

Branded receipts

Branded receipts

Not does only it provides ability to brand your receipts, but also allows you to use it for promotional purposes

Easy tipping

Easy tipping

Counting cash tips is embarrassing. Process tipping via POS terminal and get totals with a click of a button

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